MOTO 5 Video Trailer

“Dirt Bikes basically is my life, i mean, specially at this level you have to live eat sleep read, everything for motocross, it’s the most fun I can do in my life…”

The open line of the trailer is just fantastic, it demonstrates the passion and determination that pro riders most have to be at the top of the game in this sport.

The “MOTO: The Movie” series has been the most anticipated motocross films and videos for the past 4 years. MOTO 1 was a revolutionary film in the motocross industry, it was created on the vibe of the high definition style of videos that extreme sports film makers have adopted, a very famous one? the art of flight by BrainFarm with RedBull and Quicksilver.

The Assigment Inc. has lived up to the standards and expectations the have created since the release of MOTO 1 year after year they have deliver amazing results, frames that would blow anyone’s minds in the motocross world.

You can pre-order the DVD in both blue ray and standard definition at

About the MOTO 5 Movie Trailer

moto 5 movie trailer

You can see by the trailer that the amount of featured riders and locations is just brutal! they are bombarding us with out-of-this-world scenes and shots.

Featured riders are: Ryan Villopoto, Adam Cianciarulo, Tom Parsons, James “Jimmy-D” Decotis, Zach Osborne, Josh Cachia, Ronnie Rener, Taylor Robert, Cody Webb, Russel Bobbitt, Justin Hill, Blake Bagget, Kailub Russel, Kyle Redmon, Tyler Beremam, Cooper Webb and many others!


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