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james stewart motocross profile

I never thought I’d witness another rider of any kind dominate the competition like Ricky Carmichael did in his last years of racing the AMA pro series, but James “Bubba” Stewart proved me wrong (and of course then came the ERA of Ryan Villopoto, but that’s a different story). The James Stewart motocross domination came at a time when riders and their equipment had attained such a high level of performance that it is unfathomable for any single rider to dominate the competition for any extended period of time like Stewart did.

The great Jeremy McGrath once tore up Motocross and Supercross events, but his domination lasted for a relatively brief period of time. Likewise, Ricky Carmichael and Travis Pastrana dominated motocross and Supercross racing for periods of time, but other opportunities arose and took them from the ranks of elite dirt-racing dominators. Then came the James Stewart motocross express, which has proven to be the most dominating force in dirt racing in a very long time.

 “James Stewart is an enigma, a freak on two wheels. The things he can do, the lines he chooses and the speed he can carry are seemingly unreal at times. It might be boring from a racing standpoint to see him destroy a field of the world’s best motocross racers and cruise around the track. But, even then, he’s a pure joy to watch.” – MotocrossUSA

Right until the last couple of seasons, where the bar has raised with riders like Ryan Villopoto, and Ryan Dungey.

James Stewart bio

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Born in Bartow, Fla., on Dec. 21, 1985, James Stewart Jr. is the first black athlete to prove highly successful in off-road motorcycle racing. His father shared his love of dirt bike riding with his son almost from the day he was born – two days afterward, in fact, with a short ride on dad’s dirt bike. Since that early start on dirt bikes, Stewart has become the most successful black athlete in any major motorsport and continues to compete at the highest level despite many injuries, team changes and ever-changing competitors.

The James Stewart motocross dominance first emerged while a 125cc amateur racer, but he competed in his first race at four years of age with his father’s hearty encouragement. By the time he reached 16 years of age, Stewart had amassed 84 national titles as an amateur racer and turned pro in 2002. He made some rookie mistakes that cost him the 125cc West Supercross title that year, but he won the 125cc national motocross title and was named the AMA rookie of the year.

The next year, Stewart dominated the Supercross series and won the overall title. Unfortunately, a late-season Supercross injury caused him to miss several motocross series races and cost him a chance to repeat as champion. Once he regained sufficient health, he dominated every motocross race in the 125cc class in 2003, proving only injuries could prevent him from repeating as series champion. During 2004, a healthy Stewart won both series, and only a broken clutch lever prevented him from winning every motocross moto in which he competed.

The James Stewart motocross express switched to 450cc competition at the start of 2005. Despite a broken wrist suffered during practice sessions, he won his first 450cc Supercross event during the third race that year and won many more Supercross and outdoor motocross events, eventually capturing the overall Supercross title during the 2007 season, which would be the first of many for him.

James Stewart motocross net worth

As of 2011, Stewart had amassed a net worth of some $18 million from his many racing victories, product endorsements, pro racing sponsorships and a television show, “Bubba’s World,” which is a reality-based program that first aired in 2010 and features the top motocross and Supercross rider in his everyday life. Some estimates place his annual earnings at more than $10 million per year.

Stewart has raced for several professional teams during his career, starting out with Kawasaki before switching to L&M Yamaha and eventually joining Joe Gibbs Racing in 2012, with whom he was to transition into stock car racing. Despite a multi-year contract, great pay and the promise of an eventual career change to auto racing, Stewart decided the Joe Gibbs Racing team was not an ideal situation and nixed the contract early in the 2012 season in favor of switching to the Yoshimura Suzuki pro team, for whom he currently competes. During interviews, Stewart said he didn’t think he could win with the Joe Gibbs team and the Suzuki team was a much better fit for him and his racing style.

James Stewart motocross news

The James Stewart motocross legacy continues to be written with a new team and new challenges in 2013 and beyond. Now with Yoshimura Suzuki, Stewart says he is more confident while racing the 450cc Suzuki that is a much more natural fit for his riding and racing style. He is back in full health and is still at the top of his racing form, making Stewart a perennial favorite to win any race he enters while healthy.

The James Stewart motocross success story includes three national and two international series titles in addition to three world Supercross and two national Supecross series titles. He also has two regional Supercross titles to his credit. But for his many injuries, Stewart would have won several more series titles, and there is plenty of time for him to win them despite ever-changing competitors and competition teams.

A tribute video to James Stewart by YouTube user: motofreak2772

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