Dean Wilson Video – Frames Per Second by Vurb

Yesterday, vurbmoto released the first of a series of videos called “frames per second” a magnificent idea to create videos on slow motion using cameras that can shoot on a very high frames per second rate, to provide an awesome slowmo style with high definition. It will be interesting to see the rest of the videos in this series, you can even see in 3d if you have a couple of glasses at home, 3d motocross videos! ain’t that cool?

This isn’t new tech, but it’s very enjoyable and Wess Williams did a great job with this video.

Obviously the credit goes all for vurb and the featured music is finshrine by Purity Ring.

Dean Wilson

dean wilson video

Dean is getting back on track with his training and performance. Ryan Hughes is his personal trainer and they are working to get the best out of the next Supercross 2014 and Motocross 2014 seasons.

Deanno says he feels his career is slipping away or getting our of track, but he seams sharp and here at digmoto we know he will find a grove next year, and once again demonstrate his talent on a dirt bike. Every rider suffers ups and downs, and this the only reason Dean might feel like this.

Dean Wilson – Monster Energy Cup

“it’s kind of a race to see where i’m at” – Dean Wilson

3 top 5 results are his expectations in the upcoming 2013 Monster Energy Cup, those are high but realistic expectations coming from someone like Dean, the field is stacked this year, once again, even though Ryan Villopoto Will not be Racing due to being in a recovery process from a recent surgery.

What do you think about Dean’s performance next year and about this video? comment below

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