Supercross 2014

What’s up motodiggers.

What do you expect for the supercross 2014 season? Will this years’ lites class rookies pick it up? will Eli Tomac have a surprise for the Supercross class? We will have to wait and see.

The 2013 started out as a very promising and interesting season (here are the supercross 2013 results), the 250 class stood that way until the end (more or less), but the 450 class was defined by Ryan Villopoto at mid season pretty quickly, although I do give Millsaps an “attaboy” for stepping up to the “A team” and showing the public opinion that predictions are nothing more than that (unless its about RV of course), I would have loved to seen Millsaps win the supercross championship and destroy everyone’s pre-seaon bids.

As for the upcoming Supercross 2014 championship, In the 450 class it would seam as if Tomac is the only one with the power of bringing down Rv2’s reign of domination, unless the rest of the “top contenders” step it up. The upcoming Monster Energy Cup will help to determine how the riders might perform next year, even though Villopoto will not be racing due to being in recovery of a recent surgery.

For now I will leave you with digmoto´s fantasy predictions of how the season might turn out.  This will be a journal on the road to the Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2014 season.

supercross 2014

The process of how this is going to be developed is simple, I am going to analyze a series of factors that may affect how the season will play out, then once the season has started we will change the course of this journal to document and share how things are happening and what we think about every little detail.

So to determine our fantasy season, I will judge (as objectively as a hardcore fan like I am and probably you too can be) how several riders have performed on the last races of the 2013 AMA motocross season, and also include GP mx riders that I think would be awesome to have on the 2014 AMA season. By the way, I always forget to renew my AMA motocross rider licence.

Factors to determine the possible outcome of 2014:

  • last 3 performances of the top pro riders/ a.k.a. deep diggers (it’s my website so I can name them however I want)
  • last 3 performances of the top amateur motocross riders
  • Injuries of the top riders (both amateur and pro)
  • New teams of the deep diggers (if any)
  • Teams’ staff
  • New AMA rules (if any)
  • Other miscellaneous factors that may or may not show up along the way

AMA Supercross 2014 Schedule

let’s take a look at the supercross 2014 Schedule, as always not much changes with and again, as always there are like 300 races in Anaheim. Ok, only 3, but still, we wanna see some racing in Miami, we wanna see some racing in Main, Heck! why don’t you take a race to Alaska or Hawaii…

Supercross 2014 Schedule

Allright that might be pushing it a little, but you get my point.

I just came up with an idea; how about we write a letter to the AMA or to Monster Energy or to whoever is in charge  of the scheduling demanding a race in… 

…Nope, I think we’ll have quorum enough.

So anyway, there are a couple of races on the calendar that I have my eye on, Anaheim and Las Vegas for sure, then I might like to see how Arlington, Detroit and
East Rutherford turn out.

I can make 2 predictions that no one else in the motocross industry might be able to do about the supercross 2014 schedule, or in this case 2 specific dates:

1. If you go to see the Daytona Supercross your feet will hurt and you might get wet…

2. About Toronto… Cold, cold damn cold, I’ll see if I can borrow the mud Dolphin suit often featured by vurbmoto , that looks warm.

on a second note about the schedule, they seem to be starting the 2014 season 2 months earlier! so we now have either a 10 months 2013 or a 14 months 2014, I say this because is listing as the “first race” of the calendar. the Monster Energy Cup. Now, obviously they don’t mean that its part of next years season, I just felt like talking a little trash about them (nothing personal boys, just keep the keyboard fun).

Supercross 2014 Tickets

Look out for the Supercross 2014 tickets soon, because they don’t seem to be getting any cheaper, while the motocross fan base seams to be growing bigger at a Ryan Villopoto’s pace And that will increase demand and the “super” affordable price of tickets. There’s a couple of sites that are offering some sweet deals, you might want to check them out.

Make sure you chose the right spots for the right rounds, because I got burned in a couple of pretty ugly spots this year. Seat selection is crucial for optimal enjoyment says I. How about front row right behind the starting gate? or a clear mid stadium look of either the finish line or the biggest triple jump on the track, sick stuff.

 Supercross 2014 Teams

Some of the top teams included for the 2014 season are the ones that you would have expected the past couple of years, but there are also other teams like the MyPlash Star Racing Yamaha that are stepping it up in the rank lines, this team for example proved to be a top player prospectively with the army of top graduating amateurs that joined their ranks, I´m personally excited about this team for the upcoming year since Anthony Rodriguez A.K.A. “A-Rod” who I personally know and who is a fellow countryman will be joining the pro ranks with Star Racing, and it will pleasant to see him evolve.

Other teams are also building their ranks, RCH, Rockstar, JGR, etc. I enjoyed watching Josh Grant put in some solid results the last couple of AMA Motocross outdoor races and it would be fun to see him reach his max potential in the Supercross 2014 season.