Top Supercross 2014 Teams

With the 2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series breathing down its last few weeks of off-season, the supercross 2014 teams are getting ready, riders and team managers are gearing up for what looks to be one of the more exciting seasons in recent history. AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman promises, “to produce another world-class season of championship racing,” and it seems that the public eagerly agrees. Not only will Supercross competitors and fans enjoy the typical major media exposure, personal showmanship, and inter-team competition, the sport has finally achieved a long sought after goal: landing a major race in the greater New York area. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this one. What exactly do the supercross 2014 teams have in store for us this year?


Says Charlie Mancuso, President of Felt Motor Sports, “Monster Energy Supercross is in the midst of the most competitive eras of racing we’ve ever seen. . . . With 40 incredible seasons behind us, we look ahead to continue bringing the best racing on the planet to new markets and new audiences across North America. The sport is at an all-time high in terms of attendance, popularity, and media exposure, so it’s only natural that we continue to expand to the largest media market in the world – New York.”

Riders seem to be welcoming the new stop on the racing circuit, and hope that New England fans feel the same. Ryan Villopoto, defending three-time champion, is looking forward to the new venue, where cool temperatures, no preconceived expectations, and the possibility for big crowds may help riders to “push a little harder” to make the racing better for everyone.

Fans won’t be in for all new surprises, as Anaheim remains the heart-home of the series, hosting the traditional opening race as well as two other events. Returning veteran supercross 2014 teams and riders are in for a wild ride.

“Every year Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, keeps us on our toes,”- FIM President Mr. Vito Ippolito.

The 2013 season was an interesting and hard fought one with some very nice surprises. Monster Energy Supercross racing is tough! One cannot but admire the valiant riders who go out there and fight it out every year, and 2014 should not be any different. It will be a long summer and winter before we start racing again. The 2014 season opener in Anaheim will be here sooner than we think.

Top Supercross 2014 Teams to Watch This Year:

supercross 2014 teams

Top 250 Supercross class 2014 teams

1. Geico Honda – Manager Mike LaRocco; Riders: Matt Bisceglia, Zach Osbourne (338), Zach Bell (167), Justin Bogle (34)
2. Procircuit Kawasaki – Owner/Manager Mitch Payton; Riders: Blake Baggett (4), Dean Wilson (15), Tyla Rattray (28), Martin Davalos (40), Darryn Durham (44), Justin Hill (317)
3. Red Bull KTM – Manager Rodger DeCoster; Riders Ken Roczen (94), Marvin Musquin (25)
4. Star Racing Yamaha – Owner Bobby Reagan, Manager Ryan Morais; Riders: Kyle Cunningham (30), Jeremy Martin (19), Cooper Webb (37), Anthony “A-Rod” Rodriguez (267)
5. Rockstar Energy Suzuki – Owner Bobby Hewitt; Manager Dave Gowland; Riders: Davi Millsaps (18, 450 Class), Jason Anderson (21), Blake Wharton (13), Nico Izzi (30), Ryan Sipes (35)


Top 450 Supercross class 2014 teams

1. Monster Energy Kawasaki – Manager Dan Fahle; Rider: Ryan Villopoto (1), Jake Weimer (21)
2. Red Bull KTM – Manager Rodger DeCoster; Rider: Ryan Dungey (5)
3. Honda Muscle Milk – Manager Erik Kehoe; Riders: Trey Canard (41), Justin Barcia (51)
4. Yoshimura Suzuki – Manager ; Rider: James Stewart (7)
5. Geico Honda – Manager Mike LaRocco; Riders Eli Tomac (3), Wil Hahn (23)

**Riders subject to change.

In addition to the incredible technical skill, the unbelievable you-can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it crashes, and the flash and pizzazz of a major televised event, I’m looking forward to seeing how a few personal stories come to play in the mix this year.

What will happen between Chad Reed and Ricky Carmichael? The two have a perfectly amicable relationship, and over the break Carmichael’s team expressed their respect for Reed’s riding by extending the invitation for Reed to join team RCH Racing for the 2014 season. But, as Chad Reed (22) sticks it out as his own man, turning down the possible position in favor of forming his own team, TwoTwo Motorsports, will the friendly competition stimulate on some incredible, unexpected results? Or will the traditionally top-seeded supercross 2014 teams continue their historic success, with narry a ripple in the proverbial bucket?

Ryan Dungey (5) also made some new decisions this off-season that may come into play in his racing mojo. Over the break, Dungy has popped the big question to his long-time girlfriend Lindsay Siegle. Will his lady-love help remedy some of the stresses of the troublesome 2013 supercross series? I hope he enjoys life as a “taken” man, and that his fiancé can help spur him on to racing success. Maybe this is just the thing he needs to “take” a title of his own.

Trey Canard has negotiated an extended deal with Honda Muscle Milk, and his manager seems nothing less than thrilled at the idea. “We are very excited to continue our relationship with Trey,” stated Team Manager Erik Kehoe. “Over the past few years he has proven that he has the skill and commitment that it takes to be a top contender for the championship.”

Three-time defending champion Ryan Villopoto (2) looks to score big as he competes against the supercross 2014 teams, while riders Eli Tomac (1) and Wil Hahn (1) move up to the 450 class. While Tomac has seemed the golden boy of the sport, with a quick rise to the top, his teammate Hahn has endured a more difficult ascent in the ranks. His injuries and past discouragements probably seem irrelevant now. “Riding for a factory 450 team is something you dream about as a kid,” Hahn said. “Everyone on the team has a constant drive and determination to want to win. Everyone works together for that goal.” This season will also represent the first that Geico Honda sports two drivers at the 450 caliber, a move that the team says it has been working toward for a long time.


MOTO 5 Video Trailer

“Dirt Bikes basically is my life, i mean, specially at this level you have to live eat sleep read, everything for motocross, it’s the most fun I can do in my life…”

The open line of the trailer is just fantastic, it demonstrates the passion and determination that pro riders most have to be at the top of the game in this sport.

The “MOTO: The Movie” series has been the most anticipated motocross films and videos for the past 4 years. MOTO 1 was a revolutionary film in the motocross industry, it was created on the vibe of the high definition style of videos that extreme sports film makers have adopted, a very famous one? the art of flight by BrainFarm with RedBull and Quicksilver.

The Assigment Inc. has lived up to the standards and expectations the have created since the release of MOTO 1 year after year they have deliver amazing results, frames that would blow anyone’s minds in the motocross world.

You can pre-order the DVD in both blue ray and standard definition at

About the MOTO 5 Movie Trailer

moto 5 movie trailer

You can see by the trailer that the amount of featured riders and locations is just brutal! they are bombarding us with out-of-this-world scenes and shots.

Featured riders are: Ryan Villopoto, Adam Cianciarulo, Tom Parsons, James “Jimmy-D” Decotis, Zach Osborne, Josh Cachia, Ronnie Rener, Taylor Robert, Cody Webb, Russel Bobbitt, Justin Hill, Blake Bagget, Kailub Russel, Kyle Redmon, Tyler Beremam, Cooper Webb and many others!


James Stewart Motocross Rider Profile

James ‘Bubba’ Stewart motocross style

james stewart motocross profile

I never thought I’d witness another rider of any kind dominate the competition like Ricky Carmichael did in his last years of racing the AMA pro series, but James “Bubba” Stewart proved me wrong (and of course then came the ERA of Ryan Villopoto, but that’s a different story). The James Stewart motocross domination came at a time when riders and their equipment had attained such a high level of performance that it is unfathomable for any single rider to dominate the competition for any extended period of time like Stewart did.

The great Jeremy McGrath once tore up Motocross and Supercross events, but his domination lasted for a relatively brief period of time. Likewise, Ricky Carmichael and Travis Pastrana dominated motocross and Supercross racing for periods of time, but other opportunities arose and took them from the ranks of elite dirt-racing dominators. Then came the James Stewart motocross express, which has proven to be the most dominating force in dirt racing in a very long time.

 “James Stewart is an enigma, a freak on two wheels. The things he can do, the lines he chooses and the speed he can carry are seemingly unreal at times. It might be boring from a racing standpoint to see him destroy a field of the world’s best motocross racers and cruise around the track. But, even then, he’s a pure joy to watch.” – MotocrossUSA

Right until the last couple of seasons, where the bar has raised with riders like Ryan Villopoto, and Ryan Dungey.

James Stewart bio

james stewart motocross scrub style

Born in Bartow, Fla., on Dec. 21, 1985, James Stewart Jr. is the first black athlete to prove highly successful in off-road motorcycle racing. His father shared his love of dirt bike riding with his son almost from the day he was born – two days afterward, in fact, with a short ride on dad’s dirt bike. Since that early start on dirt bikes, Stewart has become the most successful black athlete in any major motorsport and continues to compete at the highest level despite many injuries, team changes and ever-changing competitors.

The James Stewart motocross dominance first emerged while a 125cc amateur racer, but he competed in his first race at four years of age with his father’s hearty encouragement. By the time he reached 16 years of age, Stewart had amassed 84 national titles as an amateur racer and turned pro in 2002. He made some rookie mistakes that cost him the 125cc West Supercross title that year, but he won the 125cc national motocross title and was named the AMA rookie of the year.

The next year, Stewart dominated the Supercross series and won the overall title. Unfortunately, a late-season Supercross injury caused him to miss several motocross series races and cost him a chance to repeat as champion. Once he regained sufficient health, he dominated every motocross race in the 125cc class in 2003, proving only injuries could prevent him from repeating as series champion. During 2004, a healthy Stewart won both series, and only a broken clutch lever prevented him from winning every motocross moto in which he competed.

The James Stewart motocross express switched to 450cc competition at the start of 2005. Despite a broken wrist suffered during practice sessions, he won his first 450cc Supercross event during the third race that year and won many more Supercross and outdoor motocross events, eventually capturing the overall Supercross title during the 2007 season, which would be the first of many for him.

James Stewart motocross net worth

As of 2011, Stewart had amassed a net worth of some $18 million from his many racing victories, product endorsements, pro racing sponsorships and a television show, “Bubba’s World,” which is a reality-based program that first aired in 2010 and features the top motocross and Supercross rider in his everyday life. Some estimates place his annual earnings at more than $10 million per year.

Stewart has raced for several professional teams during his career, starting out with Kawasaki before switching to L&M Yamaha and eventually joining Joe Gibbs Racing in 2012, with whom he was to transition into stock car racing. Despite a multi-year contract, great pay and the promise of an eventual career change to auto racing, Stewart decided the Joe Gibbs Racing team was not an ideal situation and nixed the contract early in the 2012 season in favor of switching to the Yoshimura Suzuki pro team, for whom he currently competes. During interviews, Stewart said he didn’t think he could win with the Joe Gibbs team and the Suzuki team was a much better fit for him and his racing style.

James Stewart motocross news

The James Stewart motocross legacy continues to be written with a new team and new challenges in 2013 and beyond. Now with Yoshimura Suzuki, Stewart says he is more confident while racing the 450cc Suzuki that is a much more natural fit for his riding and racing style. He is back in full health and is still at the top of his racing form, making Stewart a perennial favorite to win any race he enters while healthy.

The James Stewart motocross success story includes three national and two international series titles in addition to three world Supercross and two national Supecross series titles. He also has two regional Supercross titles to his credit. But for his many injuries, Stewart would have won several more series titles, and there is plenty of time for him to win them despite ever-changing competitors and competition teams.

A tribute video to James Stewart by YouTube user: motofreak2772

Dean Wilson Video – Frames Per Second by Vurb

Yesterday, vurbmoto released the first of a series of videos called “frames per second” a magnificent idea to create videos on slow motion using cameras that can shoot on a very high frames per second rate, to provide an awesome slowmo style with high definition. It will be interesting to see the rest of the videos in this series, you can even see in 3d if you have a couple of glasses at home, 3d motocross videos! ain’t that cool?

This isn’t new tech, but it’s very enjoyable and Wess Williams did a great job with this video.

Obviously the credit goes all for vurb and the featured music is finshrine by Purity Ring.

Dean Wilson

dean wilson video

Dean is getting back on track with his training and performance. Ryan Hughes is his personal trainer and they are working to get the best out of the next Supercross 2014 and Motocross 2014 seasons.

Deanno says he feels his career is slipping away or getting our of track, but he seams sharp and here at digmoto we know he will find a grove next year, and once again demonstrate his talent on a dirt bike. Every rider suffers ups and downs, and this the only reason Dean might feel like this.

Dean Wilson – Monster Energy Cup

“it’s kind of a race to see where i’m at” – Dean Wilson

3 top 5 results are his expectations in the upcoming 2013 Monster Energy Cup, those are high but realistic expectations coming from someone like Dean, the field is stacked this year, once again, even though Ryan Villopoto Will not be Racing due to being in a recovery process from a recent surgery.

What do you think about Dean’s performance next year and about this video? comment below

Monster Energy Cup

With less than two weeks left until the Monster Energy Cup, supercross fans all across the country are gearing up for what is shaping up to be one of the most intense races of the season, and I’m no exception. This year’s race boasts three different classes of riders: The “super mini” class will feature talented riders in the 12-15 year age group. These riders from all over the country will thrill fans as they showcase their abilities as the up and coming superstars in supercross racing. After the super mini race, the best adult amateur supercross riders in the country will compete head to head in the Amateur All Stars Class. And in the main event, the top professional supercross riders in the world will compete for the Monster Cup itself.

Monster Energy Cup Track Design

RC with the Monster Energy Cup track designThe track for the 2013 Monster Energy Cup boasts modifications that should challenge the riders and drive fans to their feet as the racers charge through the action packed course. The track, based on last year’s design (with a reversed layout) will feature a unique “split start,” a joker lane, and a high speed 33 degree bank built directly into the stands. The 80 foot triple that thrilled fans last year is now a whopping ONE HUNDRED feet, there are now two high speed sweeper turns, and the split start will put the riders onto the track at a 45 degree angle.

Ricky Carmichael, the track’s designer, was asked about the changes to the track when the design was unveiled ten days ago. His response: “Adding the distance and extra sweeper is what the Monster Energy Cup is about. This is the perfect blend of air and speed, and what is unique is that each Main Event is only 10 laps so everyone will be fast.” Carmichael, himself a five time Monster Energy Supercross Champion, said that the changes to the track would keep the same dynamics as last year’s track, but wanted to fine tune what he described as “one of the greatest tracks ever seen.”

Monster Energy Cup Tickets

monster energy cup ticketsFor fans that can make it to Las Vegas for the race, scheduled for Oct. 19 at Sam Boyd Stadium, tickets can be obtained in a large variety of ways. In person, the Monster Energy Cup tickets can be found at the Thomas and Mack Center Box Office, located at 4505 S Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, or at any University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) ticket outlet. On the day of the race only, tickets can be purchased at the Sam Boyd Stadium Box Office at 7000 East Russell Road. If you’re coming from a distance, you can charge your tickets by phone by calling (702)-739-FANS.

Last but not least, tickets for the supercross 2014 schedule can also be purchased online at a variety of outlets. I recommend as an ideal place to pick them up if you’re going to join me at the race.

Race Rules for the Monster Cup

Qualifying runs on the Monster Energy Cup  event will be held in the afternoon before the Main Event and will consist of two eight lap heats containing 20 riders each. The top 9 riders in each heat will automatically advance to the Main Event, while riders 10-20 will gain entry into the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) race. The top 4 riders in the LCQ will then advance to the main event as well.

The main event of the Monster Cup consists of three ten lap races across the track with the same 22 riders in each race. Each event will count toward the overall standings at the end of the event. The Amateur All Star and Super Mini events consist of two 6 lap races each.

The finishing order for each event in the Monster Energy Cup will be determined using the Olympic Scoring system, with riders attaining points relative to their finishing position for each main event race- one point for first place, two for second, and so on. Scores are then added up for all three runs, with the top scorer declared the winner of the race overall. In the event of a scored tie at the conclusion of the third main event, the rider with the best score in the third event will be declared the winner.

2012 Monster Energy Cup Race Results

While he failed to win the $1,000,000 bonus paid out to any rider who finishes first in all three races, Justin Barcia took home the Monster Cup and the $100,000 cash prize in 2012 with a 2-1-2 finish in the three races. Ryan Dungey finished second with eight points (3-2-3) and Eli Tomac came in third place with 9 points (4-4-1). Returning champion Ryan Villopoto started off strong with a first place finish in the first main event race, but disappointing second and third races left him in tenth place with 34 points (1-12-21).

Cooper Web gave a solid performance in the 2012 Amateur All Stars event with a first place, five point (2-3) finish, narrowly defeating Adam Cianciarulo, who finished second with 6 points (5-1). Paul Coates rounded out the top three with 9 points (7-2).

In the Super Mini Event in 2012, Austin Forkner dominated the event with a two point win (1-1), finishing with a commanding lead over second place finisher Chase Sexton, who finished with seven points (3-4). Kotaro Takahasi took third place with a ten point day (7-3).

The Bottom Line

If you like supercross racing, speed, noise, or adrenaline, get to Vegas for the Monster Energy Cup on October 19th of this year. Excuses are not accepted. Take a plane, drive, walk, hitch hike, or drag your broken body through a field of hungry zombies if that’s what it takes. Last year’s Monster Energy Cup was the most intense supercross experience in the history of the sport. With the course changes, returning racers, and thousands of supercharged fans, Vegas may never be the same. You can be there, or you can read about it online after the fact while you question your poor life choices. If you’re not in the stands, you’re not with real fans.

AMA Supercross 2014 Schedule

The Supercross 2014 Schedule is ready, the season is almost upon us, and fans are already gearing up for more high-octane excitement than ever before. Instead of just looking ahead at the schedule for next year’s contests, we’re also going to take the time to look back at some of the high revs, high jumps and highlights from the 2013 Supercross season, to get some picture of  how the up-coming season could turn out.

Here’s the Monster Energy Supercross 2014 Schedule:

supercross 2014 schedule

Rd 1 – Angel Stadium (Anaheim 1)

Date: January 4, 2014
Address: 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

2013 Rd 1 Results:

  • 450SX class: 2013’s debut race in Anaheim had Suzuki’s David Millsaps taking first place, with Trey Canard coming in two seconds behind and Ryan Dungey a distant third.
  • 250SX West class: Eli Tomac got off to a good start for the season with a win for the GEICO Honda team, followed by Ken Roczen riding for Red Bull KTM and a third place showing by Cole Seely riding for Troy Lee Designs.

Rd2 – Chase Field

Date: January 11, 2014
Address: 401 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

2013 Rd 2 Results:

  • 450SX class Justin Barcia grabbed first place in Arizona, taking the holeshot and keeping the lead throughout the entire race. He was followed by Ryan Villopoto and David Millsaps, who would both go on to make their presence felt more strongly later in the season.
  • 250SX class: Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen show up again in first and second place, followed by Martin Davalos with Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki.


Rd 3 – Angel Stadium (Anaheim 2)

Date: January 18, 2013
Address: 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

2013 Rd 3 Results:

  • 450SX class: First place honors went to Ryan Villopoto this week. Trey Canard finished second and Chad Reed brought up third place.
  • 250SX West class: Eli Tomac makes a habit of showing up in the number one spot, followed by Ken Roczen in second and Cole Seely showing at third.


Rd 4 – Coliseum

Date: January 25, 2014
Address: 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, California 94621

2013 Rd 4 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Yet again Ryan Villopoto brings home the first place nod, with David Millsaps coming in second and Ryan Dungey with RedBull KTM throwing into third position.
  • 250SX West Class: Ken Roczen brings in his first number one showing of the season, with Cole Seely following in second and Jason Anderson trailing a distant third.


Rd 5 – Angel Stadium (Anaheim 3)

Date: February 1, 2014
Address: 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

2013 Rd 5 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Ryan Dungey took an intensely contested first place, with David Millsaps and Justin Barcia following closely at second and third.
  • 250SX Class: Ken Roczen chalks another win, holding Martin Davalos (2nd) and Eli Tomac (3rd) at arm’s length long enough to see the checkered flag first.


Rd 6 – Qualcomm Stadium

Date: February 8, 2014
Address: 9449 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108

2013 Rd 6 Results:

  • 450SX Class: David Millsaps took first place in San Diego, followed by Justin Barcia for second place and Ryan Dungey at third.
  • 250SX West Class: Eli Tomac posts a close win, followed at 2/10ths of a second behind by Ken Roczen, with Jason Anderson coming in third.


Rd 7 – Cowboys Stadium

Date: February 15, 2014
Address: 1 Legends Way, Arlington, TX 76011

2013 Rd 7 Results:

  • 450SX Class: The Texas leg of Supercross wound up with Ryan Villopoto making it to the top of this race, followed by David Millsaps in second and Ryan Dungey in third.
  • 250SX East Class: Dean Wilson was able to take first place, followed by Blake Wharton and William Hahn in a close third. Zach Bell suffered a crash during the race and was unable to finish. His presence in the race was remarkable enough, as earlier during a qualifier he took a spill, separating from his bike and landing helmet-to-ground.


Rd 8 – Georgia Dome

Date: February 22, 2014

Address: 1 Georgia Dome Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

2013 Rd 8 Results:

  • 450SX Class: James Stewart scores a win for Suzuki, with usual suspects Ryan Villopoto and David Millsaps running second and third.
  • 250SX East Class: William Hahn clinched first place, with Dean Wilson sealing second place and Marvin Musquin taking third.


Rd 9 – Lucas Oil Stadium

Date: March 1, 2014
Address: 500 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225

2013 Rd 9 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Ryan Villopoto continues to impress with another first place post, with James Stewart coming in second place and Chad Reed showing.
  • 250SX East Class: William Hahn shows the high hand in Indy. Dean Wilson comes in second and Blake Wharton captures third.


Rd 10 – Daytona International Speedway

Date: March 8, 2014
Address: 1801 W International Speedway Blvd,Daytona Beach, FL 32114

2013 Rd 10 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Ryan Villopoto gets another win, with Ryan Dungey grabbing second and Justin Barcia taking third.
  • 250SX East Class: Marvin Musquin grabs the gold, followed by William Hahn and Jeremy Martin at second and third.


Rd 11 – Ford Field

Date: March 15, 2014
Address: 2000 Brush St, Detroit, MI 48226

2013 Rd 11 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Yet again Ryan Villopoto catches the number one spot, with perennial favorite Ryan Dungey getting second place and James Stewart hammering third.
  • 250SX East Class: Marvin Musquin continues to be successful, punching the number one ticket. Kyle Peters places second and William Hahn hangs on at third.


Rd 12 – Rogers Centre

Date: March 22, 2014
Address: 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1, Canada

2013 Rd 12 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Villopoto nails first place again, with David Millsaps not to be left out at second and Ryan Dungey at third.
  • 250SX East Class: Marvin Musquin seals another first place victory, followed by William Hahn and Blake Wharton.


Rd 13 – Edward Jones Dome

Date: March 29, 2014
Address: 901 N Broadway, St Louis, MO 63101

2013 Rd 13 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Ryan Villopoto takes another victory, followed by Ryan Dungey and Trey Canard trailing closely behind.
  • 250SX East Class: Blake Wharton finishes first, followed by William Hahn and Marvin Musquin.



Rd 14 – Reliant Stadium

Date: April 5, 2014
Address: 2 Reliant Pkwy, Houston, TX 77054

2013 Rd 14 Results: Minneapolis

450SX Class: Ryan Dungey posted first place, with Billopoto and Millsaps following at second and third.
250SX East Class: Marvin Musquin at first, William Hahn at second and Blake Wharton at third.


Rd 15 – Century Link Field

Date: April 12, 2014
Address: 800 Occidental Ave S., Seattle, WA 98134

2013 Rd15 Results:

  • 450SX Class: Justin Barcia took the number one position. Villopoto placed second and Millsaps took third.
  • 250SX East Class: Ken Roczen was victorious here. Eli Tomac took second and Zach Osborne took third.


Rd16 – MetLife Stadium

Date: April 26, 2014
Address: 1 MetLife Stadium Dr, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

2013 Rd16 Results:

  • 450SX Class: 1st – Villopoto, 2nd David Millsaps , 3rd Ryan Dungey.
  • 250SX East Class: 1st Jason Anderson 2nd Cole Seely , 3rd Martin Davalos


Rd 17 – Sam Boyd Stadium

Date: May 3, 2014
Address: 7000 E Russell Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89122

2013 RD 17 Results:

  • 450SX Division: Ryan Villopoto 1st , Ryan Dungey 2nd , David Millsaps 3rd.
  • The 250SX East/West Shootout: Ken Roczen 1st, Kyle Cunningham 2nd, Marvin Musquin 3rd.


Supercross 2014 Schedule Overview

While there are a couple of rounds for the Supercross  2014 championship schedule that are at different locations from last year, most of the dates match. Teams and riders are prepping and testing, training hard and getting ready to take upon the championship, every class has a man to beat.

Supercross 2014

What’s up motodiggers.

What do you expect for the supercross 2014 season? Will this years’ lites class rookies pick it up? will Eli Tomac have a surprise for the Supercross class? We will have to wait and see.

The 2013 started out as a very promising and interesting season (here are the supercross 2013 results), the 250 class stood that way until the end (more or less), but the 450 class was defined by Ryan Villopoto at mid season pretty quickly, although I do give Millsaps an “attaboy” for stepping up to the “A team” and showing the public opinion that predictions are nothing more than that (unless its about RV of course), I would have loved to seen Millsaps win the supercross championship and destroy everyone’s pre-seaon bids.

As for the upcoming Supercross 2014 championship, In the 450 class it would seam as if Tomac is the only one with the power of bringing down Rv2’s reign of domination, unless the rest of the “top contenders” step it up. The upcoming Monster Energy Cup will help to determine how the riders might perform next year, even though Villopoto will not be racing due to being in recovery of a recent surgery.

For now I will leave you with digmoto´s fantasy predictions of how the season might turn out.  This will be a journal on the road to the Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2014 season.

supercross 2014

The process of how this is going to be developed is simple, I am going to analyze a series of factors that may affect how the season will play out, then once the season has started we will change the course of this journal to document and share how things are happening and what we think about every little detail.

So to determine our fantasy season, I will judge (as objectively as a hardcore fan like I am and probably you too can be) how several riders have performed on the last races of the 2013 AMA motocross season, and also include GP mx riders that I think would be awesome to have on the 2014 AMA season. By the way, I always forget to renew my AMA motocross rider licence.

Factors to determine the possible outcome of 2014:

  • last 3 performances of the top pro riders/ a.k.a. deep diggers (it’s my website so I can name them however I want)
  • last 3 performances of the top amateur motocross riders
  • Injuries of the top riders (both amateur and pro)
  • New teams of the deep diggers (if any)
  • Teams’ staff
  • New AMA rules (if any)
  • Other miscellaneous factors that may or may not show up along the way

AMA Supercross 2014 Schedule

let’s take a look at the supercross 2014 Schedule, as always not much changes with and again, as always there are like 300 races in Anaheim. Ok, only 3, but still, we wanna see some racing in Miami, we wanna see some racing in Main, Heck! why don’t you take a race to Alaska or Hawaii…

Supercross 2014 Schedule

Allright that might be pushing it a little, but you get my point.

I just came up with an idea; how about we write a letter to the AMA or to Monster Energy or to whoever is in charge  of the scheduling demanding a race in… 

…Nope, I think we’ll have quorum enough.

So anyway, there are a couple of races on the calendar that I have my eye on, Anaheim and Las Vegas for sure, then I might like to see how Arlington, Detroit and
East Rutherford turn out.

I can make 2 predictions that no one else in the motocross industry might be able to do about the supercross 2014 schedule, or in this case 2 specific dates:

1. If you go to see the Daytona Supercross your feet will hurt and you might get wet…

2. About Toronto… Cold, cold damn cold, I’ll see if I can borrow the mud Dolphin suit often featured by vurbmoto , that looks warm.

on a second note about the schedule, they seem to be starting the 2014 season 2 months earlier! so we now have either a 10 months 2013 or a 14 months 2014, I say this because is listing as the “first race” of the calendar. the Monster Energy Cup. Now, obviously they don’t mean that its part of next years season, I just felt like talking a little trash about them (nothing personal boys, just keep the keyboard fun).

Supercross 2014 Tickets

Look out for the Supercross 2014 tickets soon, because they don’t seem to be getting any cheaper, while the motocross fan base seams to be growing bigger at a Ryan Villopoto’s pace And that will increase demand and the “super” affordable price of tickets. There’s a couple of sites that are offering some sweet deals, you might want to check them out.

Make sure you chose the right spots for the right rounds, because I got burned in a couple of pretty ugly spots this year. Seat selection is crucial for optimal enjoyment says I. How about front row right behind the starting gate? or a clear mid stadium look of either the finish line or the biggest triple jump on the track, sick stuff.

 Supercross 2014 Teams

Some of the top teams included for the 2014 season are the ones that you would have expected the past couple of years, but there are also other teams like the MyPlash Star Racing Yamaha that are stepping it up in the rank lines, this team for example proved to be a top player prospectively with the army of top graduating amateurs that joined their ranks, I´m personally excited about this team for the upcoming year since Anthony Rodriguez A.K.A. “A-Rod” who I personally know and who is a fellow countryman will be joining the pro ranks with Star Racing, and it will pleasant to see him evolve.

Other teams are also building their ranks, RCH, Rockstar, JGR, etc. I enjoyed watching Josh Grant put in some solid results the last couple of AMA Motocross outdoor races and it would be fun to see him reach his max potential in the Supercross 2014 season.